1.Physiology. excitant, quickener, Med. psychic energizer, anti-depressant; Biochem. epinephrine, Biochem. adrenaline, adrenin, Chem., Pharm. caffeine; amphetamine, amphetamine sulfate, Sl. white cross, Sl. black beauty; Pharm., Trademark. Benzedrine, Sl. bennie or benzie; Pharm., Trademark. Dexedrine, Sl. dexie, Sl. heart, Sl. football; Pharm., Trademark. Dexamyl, Sl. purple heart; Pharm., Trademark. Methedrine, Sl. meth, Sl. speed, Sl. up per, Sl. pep pill, Sl. crystal or crystal meth, Sl. businessman's trip; Pharm. amyl nitrate, cocaine, Sl. coke, Sl. C, Sl. snow, Chiefly Brit. Sl. charlie.
2. alcoholic beverage or liquor, drink, liquor, spirits, intoxicant, inebriant, the bottle, the cup, Inf. pick-me-up oj pick up; tonic, cordial, Inf. bracer, Med. roborant; coffee, espresso, tea, cocoa.
3. stimulus, incentive, impetus, fillip, provocative, motive; goad, spur, prick, prod, poke, jog, jolt; impulse, urge, drive, push, itch; dictate, call; encouragement, abetment, provocation, egging on, putting up to; dare, taunt, gibe; temptation, enticement, allurement, beguilement, inveiglement, persuasion.

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